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Attention! This section is for creators only!
All the outfits from Sims3 include the meshes so regular downloaders don't need them!

Policy: You can use any of my meshes for clothing creation as long as you provide a clickable link to www.LianaSims3.net

   All the meshes are in .obj file format and are compatible with TSR Workshop
I create meshes for my own use and some of my meshes only have slight modifications from the base game ones or I have similar meshes in order to obtain the best fit between textures and meshes. Just choose the ones you consider suitable for your clothing.
   For all the meshes available on the site I also have the .simgeom files, if someone wants to request them please email me and I will send them to you.

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Mesh 009 by Liana

Mesh 008 by Liana

Mesh 007 by Liana

Mesh 006 by Liana

Mesh 005 by Liana

Mesh 004 by Liana

Mesh 003 by Liana

Mesh 002 by Liana

Mesh 001 by Liana
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